Dark Days on the Dixie Highway: Diary of a Third Shift Zombie, book by Jessica Hopsicker

It appears I have been waylaid by my yearly bout of bronchitis. Aside from trying to work a full forty hours outside and failing, I have spent the past two weeks quarantined in my room sounding like I belong in a Tuberculosis Ward. I’m antsy and on cold drugs, covered in vapor rub, and ready for a fight. (I did go to the clinic; oddly enough I was not prescribed steroids this time. I’m afraid I am fueled by my inner rage.) I’ve decided to channel this insanity into something productive and revisited the memoir that I spent so much time on last winter. Reopening old wounds about being a third shift gas station cashier. I have posted the first four chapters and am currently churning my way through and finalizing more. I’m also considering starting up a Patreon for my efforts to finally get it published, for at this point it has been about a damned decade in the making. I have been missing work lately and this month is proving to be rather expensive: tis’ the season for paying the bills and all. Why not try it? I decided you know what they say, Step Three: Profit.